West Coast Trip 1990

Madeleine's move. Aug 12-Sep 3, 1990
Landed in Seattle. US Air flight from Syracuse.

alberta from windshield

alberta highway looking down

alberta highway

approaching hood river oregon

athabasca falls

athabasca glacier

big sequoia

brett athabasca glacier

brett by falls

brett carter lake edge

brett crossing over from ventura

brett death valley dunes

brett ferry masthead

brett hike

brett lying death valley dunes

brett nepenthe

brett northern california turnout

brett rapids

channel islands

columbia river 1

columbia river 2

crater lake edge 1

crater lake edge 2

death valley dunes

death valley rocks 1

distant mount hood

enemy ferry

field aglow

green lake

grey ridge

hwy1 1

hwy1 2

inland from ventura 1

inland from ventura 2


joshua tree majave

lake louise

late afternoon water

louise maybe

madeleine athabasca r

madeleine crater lake

madeleine death valley hike

madeleine hwy1

madeleine on glacier

madeleine on hike

madeleine peyto

madeleine sequoia

madeleine stream

northern california coast 2

northern california coast


peyto distance

peyto lake

peyto through trees

roadside mountains

rock point


rogers pass

sea to sky 2 maybe

sea to sky maybe

sequoia hills 1

sequoia hills 2

sequoia road 2

sequoia road

sequoia towering

sherman tree

torrent through rocks

towards lone pine

whitney from lone pine

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